Last Week’s Links

Last Week's Links | February 3, 2020

How pretty is this whole fireplace/built-in situation? Make sure to check out Oakstone Homes for a lot more gorgeous design inspiration.

1. This wallpaper is so pretty and would look so good with a dark paint color.
2. We’re loving this trend back to caned furniture and think this caned bed look so good with the black frame.
3. These velvet bows are so pretty and such great quality.
4. These loafers from one of our favorite shops are so good!
5. We love these stackable birthstone rings.
6. Loving the green and the cuff detail on this simple top.
7. An easy way to revive rusty cast iron pans.
8. This top has the sweetest details.
9. This mirror is so pretty and at such a great price point too.

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